S A C R E D   H A R M O N Y

R E I K I 

Step into the Sacred Harmony Treatment space to find yourself 
and receive tailor-made Reiki Healing dedicated to your needs. 

Allow Ricky to help you harmonise your energy frequency of personal power. Rediscover and experience the joy of life with Sacred Harmony.  

Sacred Harmony Reiki has developed a series of curated holistic treatments for you.

15 years training in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing enables me to deliver empowering

transformations, leading to lasting beneficial shifts in the lives of my UK and Worldwide clients.


Our healing processes may be stuck, become too worn down to meet a challenge, be overwhelmed by adversity, or require specialist care to help overcome imbalances and impacted behaviours. You can be assured of genuine supportive and effective nurture of your personal healing journey.


Rediscover fulfilment of your hopes and dreams, with enhanced perspectives on your life choices.

Sacred Harmony delivers Reiki Treatments and Facilitations to help those who are feeling emotionally, mentally and physically overwhelmed, finding it difficult to find balance in their personal and professional life and feel under the weather, out of sorts, stuck and off-track.

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Strengthen, Rebalance and Support your Immune System

with Reiki Healing sessions at

Sacred Harmony today.

Create a sense of deep relaxation

Release stress and tension

Improve your sleep

Reduce pain and inflammation

Increase energy levels

Boost your immune system

Find inner peace and well-being

Enhance spiritual growth and creativity


Whatever your needs and requirements, come for a Consultation and Reiki Healing Treatment, at Sacred Harmony and you will receive a dedicated, tailor-made service, in a supportive and nurturing space. A sacred space where you are able to safely explore through self-discovery, a sound path to healing for you.

The challenge we meet together, is in finding the best way for you to recover from sickness, accident, injury, grief and trauma. Even when the course of your difficulties is unknown, we will safely explore the underlying conditions that effect your life. 

Ricky Reiki Master Healer

Japan, 2019