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Feeling out of balance and depleted? 


Crystals have been working with and are involved in many practices for centuries to help bring security, structure, loving grounding energy and their individual healing qualities. At Sacred Harmony, I have a dedicated team of crystals to work with you. 

Clear, cleanse, develop and maintain optimum frequencies of your body.


Optimise your energy, gain a new insight and review on what is really happening in your life and allow for new perspectives and shifts. Feel more supported physically to move through anything that perhaps has got to you, has got into you, that is taking lots of your time and energy and creating resistance, leaving you feeling stuck and stalled in your daily life. 

Between a rock and a hard place?

Working with Crystal Reiki Healing frequencies and energies to aid with your growth and expansion. Each session systematically works to target your thought process, energy consumption, how you express and receive energy and your emotional stability. Develop positive actions to enhance your life, wellbeing and find balance in order to move forward effectively and efficiently in your life. 

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All Reiki Healing sessions at Sacred Harmony are designed to be flexible and accommodate your time availability. My tailor-made treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks or months to suit your current financial needs. 

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