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When you come for a Reiki Treatment with me at Sacred Harmony, you are invited into a relaxed space dedicated to you, which is harmonious and honouring. We will be able to explore, in a supportive and safe space, what your needs and requirements are and find a perfect path to healing for you.


You will find me a safe pair of hands to attentively explore a case while working side by side to help to reveal a clients issue at a pace that is determined by them; safely and securely. 

The challenge we meet together, is in finding the best way for you to recover from sickness, accident, injury, grief and trauma. Even when the course of your difficulties is unknown, we will safely explore the underlying conditions that effect your life. 

15 years training in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing enables me to deliver empowering transformations, leading to lasting beneficial shifts in the lives of my UK and Worldwide clients. 


Our healing processes may be stuck, become too worn down to meet a challenge, be overwhelmed by adversity, or require specialist care to help overcome imbalances and impacted behaviours. You can be assured of genuine supportive and effective nurture of your personal healing journey. Rediscover fulfilment of your hopes and dreams, with enhanced perspectives on your life choices.


Make your booking today for kind, considerate and joyful energy healing with me. 

Dedicated to working with clients (their businesses, colleagues, family members and loved ones) in the UK and Worldwide, encouraging and enhancing their personal and professional development.


A kind, supportive and joyful approach at Sacred Harmony, enables clients to rediscover how to be more successful, authentic and valued in their lives. Able to live life to the fullest with love, trust, happiness and confidence. Whilst experiencing vitality, abundance and enhanced productivity in all areas of life.  



My Background:


Back in March 2004, I was attuned to First Degree Reiki swiftly followed by Second Degree Reiki and then I further progressed to reach Reiki Mastery in 2009, by Reiki Teacher, Shaman and Paramount Grandmaster; Christopher Massey at Beyond Reiki. 


I am a fully qualified Shamanic Healer, Advanced Reiki Healer, and Advanced Crystal Reiki Healer and continue to learn new tools and techniques throughout my developmental journey. As my knowledge and experience grows, so too does the depth and breadth of Treatments I can offer you at Sacred Harmony. 


All of my tailor-made Reiki Healing Treatments are safe, secure and here to support your individual needs. Reiki Healing at Sacred Harmony, can help alleviate stress, soothe the mind, emotionally release, enable recovery and enhance your personal development. 

All the sequences, treatments and coaching programs offered and delivered, have been developed and derive from natural clean roots, direct from Usui Reiki, and I am honoured to be part of the Golden Reiki Way Lineage.



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