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Sacred Harmony Reiki has developed a series of curated holistic treatments for you.


15 years training in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing enables me to deliver empowering transformations, leading to lasting beneficial shifts in the lives of my UK and Worldwide clients. 


Our healing processes may be stuck, become too worn down to meet a challenge, be overwhelmed by adversity, or require specialist care to help overcome imbalances and impacted behaviours. You can be assured of genuine supportive and effective nurture of your personal healing journey. Rediscover fulfilment of your hopes and dreams, with enhanced perspectives on your life choices.


Make your booking today for kind, considerate and joyful energy healing with Ricky Nixon. 



Welcome to renewed energy levels and vitality. 


Discover a joyful approach to help sooth, strengthen and support your wellbeing. Allow a renaissance of rejuvenating energy, that helps you find those peaceful moments of calm. Revive your sense of positivity. Stagnant energy may be causing disruption in your life. Come find emotional calm, tranquility and deep renewal.  


Leave the stresses and strains of you daily life behind and experience improved energy levels; a key to a healthier and happier you.




Reconnect with yourself to find a balanced way forward. 


Sometimes following a trauma, we develop low vibrational energy blocks, these manifest as heavy burdens that we then carry around with us. You can expect genuine restorative healing with me to address these problems. 


Bereavement, relationship breakdown, depression, anxiety, or stress in your home life or the work place, produces negative emotional states that are damaging to our health. Allow me to help you better manage change in your life and overcome the obstacles that get in your way. 


Allow help for your mind, body and spirit to recover from wounds.


Sometimes we find it difficult to get well and are unable to move past an illness, accident or an injury. You simply need the space and special consideration and attention of a skilful healer to address your acute or long standing conditions. 


Perhaps you may not even realise you are stuck and feel incomplete or that you have never been okay since a turning point. Allow me to help deliver you the necessary insights you now need. Gently encouraging and supporting you to recover from the tribulations that we all sometimes must face. 



Inner Beauty

Sometimes it can be difficult to see through the haze and heaviness, leaving you feeling depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed. Let me help you find that lost sparkle and release your inner smile. Our sessions together, will help restore your sense of vibrancy and so improve your wellbeing. When our responses make it possible we are able to optimise our performance across all of our endeavours. 


You can expect to receive a bespoke package of treatments that reveals your true inner beauty. We shall explore ways for you to be healthier and happier, embracing self acceptance of who you are. Reward yourself with a greater sense of awareness and become better aligned with the amazing elements of you. Perhaps you can now allow that it is time to generate and attract new opportunities and experiences in your life.   



Facilitations provide you the opportunity to book additional exploration time with Ricky.


Sometimes the kindest way to proceed is to ask, for more time and space with your guide. These are special insightful sessions, designed to meet your ongoing needs. You may now be ready to delve deeper, into the synchronicity of your life story. Or to reach out for additional support, to help you come through a healing crisis. The successful healing journey often involves retracing our steps, to better understand how we reached a particular crossroads.


Facilitations can be added to your treatments, or booked as supplementary telephone consultations. 



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