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A balanced lifestyle?

What exactly is a balanced lifestyle?

As above so below, as within so without.

The notion of eating right, exercising daily, keeping those sweet treats (groan) at bay, having a limited (sigh) intake of alcohol and a healthy work/play relationship could be the ideal? But it’s not though is it. I mean really, really?

Yes, agreed, these elements all have great and positive effects on the mind and body but what about what is going on behind the scenes, internally? How does that effect what is going on in someones life?

Working as a Reiki Practitioner for the past 11 years now, by its nature I am continually having to relearn/redevelop within and without myself. By that I mean so that everything that is shown outwardly on the outside reflects on the inside. There are so many 'things' that can effect us throughout our lives; traumas, illness, loss, accidents, altercations...to name a few and these all have a profound and lasting effects on our body.

It remembers it and they become attachments and connect to us. We have muscle memory and these moments and events stay with us. You can meet someone with the body of an athlete, a modern day adonis, who has everything at their fingertips, but on the inside can hide all sorts of gremlins, insecurities, doubts, scars but you wouldn't know.

Maybe they don't even know themselves?

Yet they are constantly battling with the fact that nothing ever really goes how they want it; they feel somewhat off track, out of balance at times, distracted and even unmotivated. Yet they look strong, happy and getting on with life. We are wonderful tools of creating illusions and distractions for ourselves. It is a perfect way to keep us busy and away from what is really needed, sometimes, ultimately we just aren't ready to see them.

It’s all about time.

​This is of course just one example of how well we can sequester moments & traumas in our lives that have been huge to us, bitterly painful at times, heartbreaking even. But as we are not ready to deal with them, we swallow them, burying them deeper and deeper into the darkest corners of our recesses. They soakup into our body, our muscle matter, yet we hope that it will forget it and eventually fade away.

The harsh fact is ladies and gentlemen...they don't.

They wait.

They bide their time. Some are very polite and wait for when you are ready to deal with them and kindly introduce themselves to you again like an old familiar friend. Some wait and then pounce on you, out of nowhere, like a tiger on a gazelle...and you didn't even realise that it was there all this time, waiting and watching you. Other times they don't like being alone and so are triggered by other responses and experiences that can be utterly overwhelming OR a great challenge to be overcome...depending on who you are.

It's all person specific!

The greatest thing is, that we as human beings, have the ability to work on and overcome all of these. It can feel daunting but you're not alone. You just need to know how. You just need the right individual to show the body how.

Well hello there...

Sacred Harmony is here to help you get back on track with your life, in full vibrant, high definition because we believe you are special (and maybe need a little TLC or just time to properly get back to yourself).

Perhaps then, we can begin to understand and really enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

It's all an adventure after all :)

Go on...

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