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R E I K I 



“How can something that involves the simple ‘laying on of hands’ have such profound effects on your mental, physical, and spiritual health?”


A Beginners Guide to Reiki featuring Sacred Harmony Reiki:


Integrative Reiki for Cancer Patients: A Program Evaluation:

Administered two surveys to 213 people with cancer - one before and one after a multi-session Reiki program. Collectively, these participants experienced a more than 50% decrease in each self-reported measure of distress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue.

Pilot Crossover Trial of Reiki Versus Rest for Treating Cancer-Related Fatigue:

Assessed the effects of Reiki on the self-reported fatigue, pain, anxiety, and overall quality of life of 13 women and 3 men, through questionnaires and a visual exercise. Reiki healing was shown to increase quality of life while decreasing fatigue, tiredness, and anxiety.


An exploratory study of reiki experiences in women who have cancer:

This involved 10 women in a qualitative, interview-based study. The key themes identified in the interviews were “a limited understanding of Reiki prior to receiving any Reiki; release of emotional strain during Reiki—feelings of a release of energy, a clearing of the mind from cancer, inner peace/relaxation, hope, a sense of being cared for; experience of physical sensations during Reiki, such as pain relief and tingling; physical, emotional and cognitive improvements after Reiki, such as improved sleep, a sense of calm and peace, reduced depression and improved self-confidence”.


The effect of Reiki therapy on quality of life of patients with blood cancer:

Results from a randomised controlled trial:

Assessed the quality of life of 58 patients with blood cancer following a twice-weekly, month long Reiki therapy course, alongside a control group. The researchers found that  “The Reiki group showed significantly more improvements in the general, physical, environmental, and social dimensions” of the quality of life measurement.


Using Reiki to manage pain: a preliminary report. Cancer Prevention & Control:


This study used 20 volunteers who were experiencing pain for many reasons, one of which was cancer. Researchers were exploring alternatives to opioids. 85% of participants experienced pain reduction after Reiki, although the researchers conceded that a lack of control group, a lack of consideration given to how long the effects lasted, and music being played while the Reiki was given may have affected the validity of the data.


Symptomatic Improvement Reported After Receiving Reiki at a Cancer Infusion Center. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine:

Researchers administered 145 surveys to a range of people in a hospital, including 47 people with cancer and 98 patients from other wards. Of the cancer patients, 94% rated Reiki as a positive experience and 92% were interested in receiving additional cancer centre. Interestingly, more people from the ‘cancer group’ were interested in receiving future Reiki sessions than individuals from other areas of the hospital, indicating that Reiki may have additional benefits for people with cancer. 89% of people with cancer felt improved relaxation, 75% felt a reduction in anxiety/worry, 81% experienced improved mood, 43% found their sleep to be improved, 45% felt a reduction in pain, 38% reported reduced isolation/loneliness, 75% described an improved attitude, and 30% stated they had an improved appetite. “Response was unaffected by previous exposure to Reiki, massage, or other touch therapy.”


Reiki useful in treating Cancer-related fatigue:


Data collected from the completion of the study showed reiki significantly improved the quality of life, decreased tiredness and anxiety, and reduced fatigue in cancer patients, compared to rest. There were no significant changes reported in fatigue, pain, anxiety and quality of life from the rest sessions. “The passive nature of Reiki [sic] makes it an ideal intervention for patients with limited energy who are having difficulty adapting to the stressors associated with cancer and its treatment.”


Effect of Reiki Therapy on Quality of Life and Fatigue Levels of Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy:


Reiki can reduce fatigue and increase the quality of life of breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Reiki therapy can be used as a nursing intervention to increase the quality of life and reduce fatigue in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

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