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S A C R E D   H A R M O N Y

R E I K I 

“Working with Ricky has been a truly life changing experience. His support and incredible healing powers helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I truly couldn’t have done it without him and am forever grateful. Thank you Ricky, a thousand times.”

Ricky Reiki Master Sacred Harmony Reiki

Sacred Harmony Reiki with Ricky 


I'm dedicated to bringing Reiki energy healing to everyone, bridging the gap between ancient knowledge and contemporary life, helping to integrate spiritual maintenance as part of our everyday lives. 


Sometimes our healing processes may be stuck, become too worn down to meet a challenge, be overwhelmed by adversity, or require specialist care to help overcome imbalances and impacted behaviours. You can be assured of genuine supportive and effective nurture of your personal healing journey.

You will find me a safe pair of hands to attentively explore your case, while working side by side, to help to reveal any issues or impediments, at a pace that is determined by you; safely and securely. 

The challenge we meet together, is in finding the best way for you to recover from sickness, accident, injury, grief and trauma. Even when the course of your difficulties is unknown and perhaps challenging, we will safely explore the underlying conditions that effect your life. 

20 years training in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing enables me to deliver empowering transformations, leading to lasting beneficial shifts in the lives of my private clients, UK and Worldwide clients. With you in mind, I have developed a series of accessible, relatable curated holistic treatments. Help recovery, rejuvenation, restoration and rediscover your inner smile; pathways to a vibrant happier state of wellbeing.


Come for a Reiki Treatment with me at Sacred Harmony Reiki and receive a dedicated, tailor-made service, in a supportive, soothing and safe nurturing space. Where you are able to safely explore through self-discovery, a sound path to healing for you.


Welcome to Urban Reiki, this is relatable, accessible and affordable

Make your booking today for kind, considerate

and joyful energy healing with me. 

"This was my first time having Reiki and I came to Ricky because I was feeling a lot of unease and anxiety in my chest in the run up to sales calls for my business. Ricky worked his magic and gave me a lot of insights into what might be causing the blockages, which was super insightful. I discovered the blockages were mostly events from my childhood that I didn't even realise I was holding onto. This was such a valuable revelation from Ricky's treatments. Not only do I feel much better, but I also landed two new clients within a week because I feel so much more at ease now, even in stressful situations."

My Background


2004 was a turning point in my life.


Feeling despondent, disheartened, sad, and fatigued by my current life (eventually I came to acknowledge and be diagnosed, that I was acutely depressed). I felt at complete odds with myself and a deep sense of sadness, but no idea how come. I didn't have a particularly bad life, things were going along okay or as much I could perceived them to be, they were. 


But in truth, I was a little lost. Within. 


Then a chance meeting at a kickboxing class, that a good friend had convinced me to go to with him, initiated a coordinate shift in my path forever. There I was introduced to the healing art of Reiki by one of the senior martial arts school members. 

For me, I had no concept of Reiki or energy. It all sounded woo-woo and beyond me, and all a little nonsensical. Energy healing? Channeling energy? Working with your hands to deliver pristine pure energy? Connecting with your higher self (huh?) to effectively help enhance your life and become tuned into your best self...whoever that was?!


But the more it was gently explained and presented to me, something happened. I began to open up to this new experience and a deep rooted lost connection became activated, I suddenly felt enlivened. I felt a spark of understanding; an inner knowing. As I closed my eyes, I could suddenly feel a dynamic flow of energy, rippling like waves, as I directed my attention to the kind guidance being offered.


It felt warm, vibrant, comforting, dynamic, new, yet old and familiar. My body felt like it was unfurling, energising and charging. My awareness became heightened. And this initial experience was by a simple non-invasive reiki hand scan down my body. Least to say, I felt it all.


I wanted to know more, to feel more, to engage with my energy capacity and capability. It felt like I had a glimpse of my life in high definition. One where I could be happier, well, abundant and empowered. It utterly reconnected me to those playful ideals I had as a child, where anything was possible. Back to when you are courageous and tenacious, minus the adult conditioning and filters. Where you watched those films and cartoons where the protagonist realises that they are far more than what they perceived to be and what they are truly capable of. As a child, like most of us, I wanted to this to be real, achievable an utterly possible. And in its own practical tangible and yet magical way; to become the hero of my life. The Main Character. 


This was my big inner child moment. Reconnected and reunited once again. I began to joyfully reengage with how life could be, for me. 


AND I could also help my loved ones and others too by delivering Reiki to them?!...Sign me up!


Upon receiving Reiki Treatments, I was suddenly aware of a renewed sense of purpose; as inspiration for new pathways and channels began to become discovered and available to me. It allowed me to gain deeper insights into a new understanding and meaning to my life.  As I focused on improving my life; the more energy I gained, and the more enthusiasm and abundance I felt. The happier I felt. And this wonderfully rippled out to my friends and family, and I began to sense the positive impact on them too!

Life began to make more sense to me. I didn't feel spiritless anymore.

I felt empowered, eager and excited.

This was the beginning of a new journey. My hero journey.

And so...

In March 2004, I was attuned to First Degree Reiki swiftly followed by Second Degree Reiki. My development and skill set progressed to reach Reiki Mastery in 2009, by Reiki Teacher, Shaman and Paramount Grandmaster; Christopher Massey at Beyond Reiki.

Refresh Your Energy with Ricky Reiki

I am now a fully qualified and certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Advanced Reiki Healer, and Advanced Crystal Reiki Healer and continue to learn new tools and techniques throughout my developmental journey. As my knowledge and experience grows, so too does the depth and breadth of Treatments I can offer you at Sacred Harmony Reiki. 

All of my tailor-made Sacred Harmony Reiki Healing Treatments are safe, secure and here to support your individual needs. My healing sessions can help alleviate stress, soothe the mind, emotionally release, enable recovery and enhance your personal development. 

All the sequences, treatments and coaching programs offered and delivered, have been developed and derive from natural clean roots, direct from Usui Reiki, and I am honoured to be part of the Golden Reiki Way Lineage.







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