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Remote Reiki Harmony Healing Boosts

Remote Reiki Healing

Gain clarity, relaxation and reduction of stress


If you are unable to reach my Treatment Space, due to location, illness, self isolating or any restrictions, I am now delivering unique Remote Reiki Healing Boosts & Advanced Reiki Boosts to wherever you are in the world. 


Give extra support and care to your immune system, by dedicating time to yourself in the comfort of your own space connected remotely to Sacred Harmony. Feel replenished and revitalised in order to deal with your daily life and all that comes with it.


Remote Reiki Boosts are to help those who feel emotionally, mentally and physically overwhelmed, finding it difficult to find balance in their personal and professional life. 

Release stress and tension

Improve your sleep

Reduce pain and inflammation

Increase energy levels

Boost your immune system

Find inner peace and well-being

Enhance spiritual growth and creativity

Harmony Healing Remote Boosts


Remote Reiki Harmony Healing Boosts are specifically tailored to your needs and you receive the healing what you need in that moment you need it.


Receive a skilfully and expertly packaged bespoke Remote Reiki Healing bundle of energy just for you. Each individual Remote Reiki Boost Treatment is dedicated to your healing and to reach you wherever you are.


This new service menu, consists of Five Remote Reiki Healing Boosts:


    Spiritual Centring:

    Helps you find a moment of tranquility for yourself and create a sense of deep relaxation. (5)


    Equilibrium Restoring:

    Helps balance to be restored and encourage mental serenity. (4)


    Immunity Healing:

    Helps you find clear insight and increase your energy Levels. (1)


    Calm Cleansing:

    Calmly cleanses that which no longer serves you. (2)


    Safety Shielding:

    Grounding you in the moment and enhancing your sense of security . (3)


My 40min Remote Boosts, deliver supportive and powerfully rejuvenating healing.


Treat yourself with a single, or multiple sessions, at the rate that suits your budget. Please feel free to begin with the Boost that feels best and some may wish more that one of the same nature or to move round in a circuit. 

Allow for the optimum delivery of the replenishment resources that you need & require in the moment.


Please contact me directly for



and to book your Remote Reiki Healing Boost 


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Advanced Boost Reiki Healing

Advanced Remote Reiki Healing London

Feel under the weather, out of sorts, stuck, low energy, depleted or finding hard to relax and sleep?

As an additional way of helping people, I now am delivering Advanced Boost Reiki Healing Service Offers worldwide.

These Remote Boosts employ the Advanced Golden Ray to deliver subtle, beautiful and powerful waves of support, in these times of challenge and change.


Working with advanced frequencies and energies to aid with your growth and expansion, while also activating a full systematic scan. This allows us to identify any energies that are perhaps stuck, tired, worn out and no longer serve you. Making way for them to be skilfully released and replenished with pristine new. It is in the releasing that we can create a stronger immunity and boundary for lasting change. 

Advanced Healing Remote Boosts


Advanced Boost Healing, focuses in on your energy system so that it can operate at a higher level, creating more harmony, vitality and wellness. When you truly focus in on yourself and invest, your awareness, insight and foresight can be enhanced.


Experience 30 minutes of Advanced Boost Remote Reiki Healing. You may well need to take 10 minutes afterwards, to gently re-orientate yourself in activities of daily living.

This new service menu, consists of Five Remote Advanced Healing Boosts:


    Remote Advanced Reiki Boost 1 

Helps elevate your capacity to shift and the clarity to see your objectives.


    Remote Advanced Reiki Boost 2

 Helps release those inhibiting factors that you also may be hiding from your self.


    Remote Advanced Reiki Boost 3

 Helps secure and protect the wounded child waiting for support in us all, providing nourishing replenishment. 


    Remote Advanced Reiki Boost 4

Helps harmonise and heal the contradictions that we so often all struggle with and gain deeper mindful insight.


    Remote Advanced Reiki Boost 5

Helps to warmly discharge our obligations whilst freeing us from hidden resentments. Allowing access to disengaging and reconnecting. 


Remote Advanced Reiki Boosts are each delivered bespoke and you are free to have a consecutive sequence, or individual Boosts, as you require. Please feel free to begin with the Boost that feels best and some may wish more that one of the same nature or to move round in a circuit.


People often have symptomatic targeted need for resources, beyond the healing transaction of full transformational Reiki Consultations.


Allow for the optimum delivery of the replenishment resources that you need & require in the moment.

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“I received several Remote Reiki Healing Boost Treatments from Ricky during the initial stress of Covid-19 as I needed assistance to calm my worries, help me think more clearly, feel more hopeful & I was experiencing physical symptoms attributed to stress. Each Reiki Boosts were enjoyable, with every one being different with wonderful benefits too. I felt more energetic & focused, with an overall feeling of calm & more happiness afterwards. My physical symptoms simply faded away too. I am very grateful to Ricky for delivering these Boost treatments ~ they helped me hugely & I felt well supported. I highly recommend Sacred Harmony”


Sacred Harmony

Remote Attunement Ceremonies

I now offer Four Remote Reiki Attunement Ceremonies to wherever you are.


These state-of-the art Remote Attunements, deliver a Turbo Boost of supportive, expertly packaged energy downloads and upgrades. These also seek to enhance any past Reiki Attunements (if you have already been attuned to Reiki) and enables timed access to further enhance your Self Development and Well Being.

These are available as Single Attunements, follow ups, or as a

Complete Four (4) Sequence. 

Please contact me for more information:


 (Approx. 15 mins for the Remote Attunement Ceremony and 5 mins after to allow the

energies and yourself to settle back into daily life.)

All Reiki Healing Remote Boosts, Advanced Boosts and Attunements with Sacred Harmony are designed to be flexible and accommodate your time availability. Reiki Boosts can be booked back to back, consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks to suit your current financial needs. 

Ricky Reiki Master Shamanic Healer

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